Ťuki TV

About the brand

JOJ Group’s second children´s station broadcasting in Slovak offers a variety of traditional and new fairytales to preschool viewers. Ťuki TV was created as a TV station entirely tailored to the business client JOJ Group and is available only to customers of the Slovak operator Telekom.

In the TV station’s rich program, children will find older iconic and newer modern favourites, and both foreign (dubbed) and Slovak series. These include, for example Macko Uško, Bob a Bobek, Králiky z klobúka, O dievčatku Makovičke, Pat a Mat, as well as new favourites such as Máša a medveď, Robin Hood, Ovečka Shaun or Labková Patrola. The diversity of Ťuki TV’s portfolio is complemented by its own shows prepared in cooperation with the popular singer Miro Jaroš.




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