About the brand

Television WAU began broadcasting in 2013 as the third station in JOJ Group portfolio. In nine years, it has developed into today’s attractive form of predominantly serial television, whose program is based on feature and docu-reality series. 

WAU is a universal television channel that offers the best and most popular foreign feature series. Its specialty is mainly criminal series and movies, but also series from the medical environment. The viewers can find popular and proven titles in its program, which WAU complements the program structure of other JOJ Group stations and is thus an alternative for Slovak viewers, especially to the broadcast of JOJ and JOJ Plus.




WAU is switched on every day by almost 11% of the Slovak population, i.e. approximately 505,000 people. On a monthly basis, WAU reaches up to 51% of the population, i.e. 2,375,000 people.


Data is analyzed in CS 12+ +guests, from 1.7.2021 to 30.6.2022, in measurement of LIVE + TS 0-3. Data source: PMT/KANTAR SLOVAKIA



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