About the brand

There are only two children’s television channels on the Slovak market with program exclusively in Slovak and both belong to the JOJ Group portfolio.

The first one is JOJko since 2015, whose varied program entertains young viewers in the age of 4. Children enjoy the series that are guaranteed to be free of violence or inappropriate language and are above all educational.

The youngest audience can look forward to their favorite series and fairy tales in the JOJko offer, but also to entertaining and beautifully crafted novelties, tailored to children's needs and expectations. There is no shortage of premiere sequels to now iconic shows such as MalinyJAMológia or Sníček a Dúhalka, and the programming structure is regularly diversified by new shows of original productions and acquisition titles, where children are both educated and entertained. JOJko provides them with a family background, stability, and a soothing world of fantasy.


Nearly 5% of children aged 4 to 14, or around 30,000 people, tune in to JOJko every day. On a monthly basis, JOJko reaches up to 20% of children, i.e. 124,000 children.


Data is analyzed in CS 12+ +guests, from 1.7.2021 to 30.6.2022, in measurement of LIVE + TS 0-3. Data source: PMT/KANTAR SLOVAKIA



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