CS Mystery

About the brand

Our “mystery station” is also systematically building its position as a strong player in the field of documentaries and thematically focus on mysteries, secrets, paranormal or crime.

Mystery broadcasts a 24-hour full-length documentary program, composed of acquisitions, as well as of its own attractive productions – it offers, for instance, the successful series Krvavé Česko (Bloody Czechia), Československá NEJ (Czechoslovak BEST), Největší české mýty (The Greatest Czech Myths) or Neznámé památky (Unknown Sights).

In its programm structure, viewers will find quality documentary titles from established and globally known distribution companies, such as Cineflix, Parade Media or Abacus Media.

In 2024, we can look forward to a number of shows from DCD Rights Limited, such as Phantom Signals, Top Ten Treasures: Egypt, Haunted Encounters and Top Ten Treasures: Pompeii.  

CS Mystery’s premiere broadcast will also be built on Warner Bros acquisitions – for instance CONSPIRACY THEORY with Jesse Ventura I, II, III or Miracle Hunter and Mysteries Decoded I, II, III.



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