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JOJ Group represents the ninth Slovak station and the fourteenth television station in its portfolio. It starts broadcasting in the summer of 2023.


JOJ World will bring the best and latest documentaries from around the world in Slovak language. It will offer a rich selection of original Slovak and partner international documentaries from renowned local and foreign filmmakers.


Station will broadcast exclusively on the Slovak market, and it will offer Slovak commentaries on latest documentaries of a wide variety of thematic focus. The year of production will not be older than 2014.  


There is something for everyone including viewers of all ages with different hobbies from nature and animals to history, politics, social sciences, astronomy and space to past and present trends and insight not only into past, but also future from different perspectives, which us, humanity fascinate, educate, and move forward at the same time. 


JOJ, in cooperation with the best local and foreign filmmakers, also produces its own documentary series, which will be presented exclusively to the viewers of JOJ World television. 


Documentary oriented thematic station (so called factual entertainment) will be available to Slovak households – subscribers of particular satellite, cable, IPTV and OTT operators. 


JOJ World will also be part of the JOJ Play streaming platform – all the documentaries will be available in the Premium package. 

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