About the brand

The second oldest television from JOJ Group portfolio began broadcasting in 2009 and even after thirteen years JOJ Plus holds its stable position on the market, currently as the second most successful “smaller station”, which offers Slovak viewers attractive movie nights full of blockbusters as well as original or foreign magazines, series, shows and docu-series during the day. 

The colorful program structure consists mainly of excellent acquisition films and series, popular original formats, as well as documentary series and popular foreign shows.


JOJ Plus is switched on every day by 15% of the Slovak population, i.e. approximately 706,000 people. On a monthly basis, JOJ Plus reaches up to 68% of the population, i.e. 3,168,000 people.


Data is analyzed in CS 12+ +guests, from 1.7.2021 to 30.6.2022, in measurement of LIVE + TS 0-3. Data source: PMT/KANTAR SLOVAKIA



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