Foundation TV JOJ

About the brand

A sense of belonging is always important, and every year TV JOJ translates it into selfless cooperation with the state, social, cultural or charitable organizations.

This year, since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, everyone has been trying to help in any way they can. For example, the TV JOJ Foundation has teamed up with MAGNA, an organization that distributes medications and medical supplies to hospitals in war-affected areas – it supported a public fundraiser via media and has also contributed €10,000. Another form of help was the Concert for Ukraine, where artists joined TV JOJ and its foundation to help publicize the Magna fundraising to the general public. The TV JOJ Foundation together with the J&T Foundation also organized material humanitarian aid, in which TV JOJ employees and other people from all over Slovakia collected necessary food, clothing as well as other consumer goods, and the foundations arranged for them to be transported by trucks and wagons to orphans and mothers who had to flee from war zones. The two foundations, in cooperation with Turancar, also arranged for the transport of aid and also provided free transport for Ukrainians within Slovakia, even to Prague.

The TV JOJ Foundation also continues to support the projects of the National institute of Children’s Diseases in Bratislava, keeps on supporting children’s sports activities, succeeded in expanding Slovak floorball league to other elementary schools and confirmed JOJ Group’s close cooperation with Junior Chamber International Slovakia.

TV JOJ, in cooperation with the TV JOJ Foundation, has also announced fundraiser to help child patients in psychiatric clinics in Slovakia, and annually helps underprivileged families and provides them with concrete material assistance thanks to sponsors via the Donated Christmas project.


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