Come dine with me

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A great cast of actors and a diverse mix of characters with a multitude of plots - all this was so popular with the Slovak audience that this comedy series and its premiere episodes were broadcast by TV JOJ without a break even during the summer and continues smoothly and with consistently excellent performances even in the strong fall season. 




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Each premiere episode of Come dine with me is watched by up to 327,000 on average (RTG 7.1%). Each premiere reaches an average of 492,000 inhabitants of Slovakia. More than 70% of Slovaks have already watched Come dine with me at least once (N+ 72.4). The most successful part was watched by 499,000 people, recorded a 28.1% share of viewership, and reached up to 718,000 people.


Data is analyzed in CS 12+ +guests, from 1.9.2021 to 30.9.2022, premiere shows only in measurement of LIVE + TS 0-3. Data source: PMT/KANTAR SLOVAKIA



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