JOJ 24

About the brand

The JOJ 24 news television was added to the JOJ Group portfolio in 2022 as our eighth Slovak and fourteenth station in total. The full-format television is available to the entire Slovak population and wants to be viewers´ first choice in providing comprehensive, reliable and always verified first-hand information, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

News all day long, interviews with experts and the largest amount of live broadcast – all this currently defines JOJ 24. Its program includes not only news and journalistic broadcasts, but also non-news formats, lifestyle magazines, documentaries, service programs and video podcasts. JOJ TV´s evening news slot in prime time is simultaneously broadcasted live on JOJ 24.

The station´s editor in chief is a long-time editor and TV moderator Dárius Haraksin. JOJ 24 is represented by experienced and educated professionals who have long worked in TV news, such as Hana Zavřelová Gallová, Adam Zavřel, Peter Petrus, Mária Ȍlvedyová, Júlia Zelenková, Bruno Ciberej, Martina Štefánková, Lenka Ježová, Ján Mečiar, Ivan Janda and others. The JOJ 24 team also comprises young and energetic editors, for instance Klaudia Malovcová, Lucia Nagyová or the experienced international reporter Jakub Mitter.

News has been one of the main pillars of the JOJ Group for more than 20 years. We have consistently delivered the largest amount of news content on the Slovak market – not only on JOJ TV, but also on our own JOJ 24 news station, where we have made full use of our news strength built over the years and strengthened our editorial team.

The professional news team of JOJ TV and JOJ 24, together with the production and technology, represents one of the largest in Slovakia. JOJ’s network of regional reporters is the widest among all Slovak TV stations that provide news coverage. Our editors are regularly awarded with respected journalistic and literary prizes.

JOJ TV´s daily prime-time news slot consists of KRIMI, Noviny TV JOJ (JOJ TV News), Šport (Sport) and Najlepšie počasie (Best Weather), which belong among our most watched programs. Every weekday, the news portfolio of the main JOJ station is complemented by Ranné noviny (Morning News) and Noviny o 12 (News at 12). Journalistic genre is represented by the political discussion show Na hrane (On the Edge) or the lifestyle show Topstar. JOJ TV keeps up with trends and efficiently uses the news and journalistic Podcasts 24, which are rapidly establishing themselves on the market




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