Thomas and Diana

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Quality cast, excellent filmmakers. And partner life as you know it. 


Get ready for a series presenting short snippets of a mature couple´s life with insight and humor that will make you laugh, relax and maybe even say to yourself that it is just like at your home. 


Join us for a glimpse into the anatomy of Tomáš and Diana´s partnership, an acting concert of Tomáš Maštalír and Diana Mórová. In addition to the main characters, there are also supporting characters who complement the plot, but you will never see their faces on camera.


Funny sketches from partner life, portrayed excellently by Diana Mórová and Tomáš Maštalír, will keep viewers entertained from the end of May 2023. 


The series has immediately become the TOP program of the younger audience with 8.1% viewership and 26.8% market share. It also represented the most watched non-advertising program in the universal target audience as viewers favored it over competition, achieving 9.5% viewership and 22.8% share in the target group aged 12+.


The series was the most successful when it premiered in the female 45-54 target group with a viewership of up to 14.0%, and female viewers aged 35-44 with a 12.6% viewership. Overall, the female universal audience achieved an 11.8% viewership, while the female viewers aged 12-54 reached rating up to 10.8%.  


The series continues to confirm its market leadership in the evening broadcasting with more than 300 thousand viewers aged 12+ tuning in regularly in the following broadcasting weeks. 


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