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We don't know if the world is ready for this, but it's happening. Michael Szatmary and Tomáš Hudák have joined forces to make you laugh with their stand-up special Finally Together!

Watch the show of the stellar comic duo from Silné Reči, whose unforgettable jokes will entertain you long after you've seen them. These seasoned players will show you what it looks like when humor, elegance, charm, sex appeal, gentlemanliness, experience, and above all, good friends meet on one stage.

Have they created a new classic? Will they make history in world comedy?

Judge for yourself!

The show will be available on the streaming platform JOJ Play for all viewers in the PREMIUM package (€5.99/month). Viewers watching JOJ Play on the free package will be able to rent this entertaining program for 48 hours (€3.49), or purchase it permanently (€4.99).

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