Rajo in Holiday series - Exemplary product placement of an FMCG product

The client's slogan is: "RAJO on every table in every home". This requires mass customer outreach, which can be achieved with a TV campaign, which is still the widest reach in the market.
In addition to TV spots or sponsor messages, the client used TV JOJ's offer for product placement in the original series, which is a very native and non-violent form of advertising, embedded naturally into the action in the storyline.

About the series

Holiday is an extremely popular family comedy series that TV JOJ has been airing since 2017. Already the first series achieved well above average ratings, each episode was a market leader. The same success and great ratings results were reaped by the next two series, and it was one of the TOP original series in Slovakia.

Implementation of product placement

The excellent viewership, the extraordinary fan base of the series, its family focus, and the child characters among the main characters met the attributes suitable for deploying Rajo products directly into the plot of the fourth series.

In the apartments of the serial families, the characters enjoyed a Probia drink or Dobro Milk Rice during their interviews; on backpacking trips, they brought flavored Milk Goodness milk as a snack, which doesn't need to be refrigerated; and at the cottage where the serial families spend their summer vacations, they had Acidko or Thick Traditional Yogurt as a snack.

Viewership results and campaign evaluation

The fourth series of the series achieved great ratings results in the fall of 2020, with almost 300 thousand viewers (average of 10 episodes in CS 12+) that did not miss out on the Holiday. 

Rajo dairy products became part of Slovak households for 10 weeks through the popular family series, which Slovak viewers did not miss every Wednesday. Their attention while watching the smiling stories of their child or adult heroes could not miss the products that appeared in the plot not only as props, but especially products that the characters actually ate or drank, thus directly influencing the purchasing decisions of their fans, who on their next visit to the grocery store recognized them thanks to the fact that they had already seen them on TV.


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We can also get up every working morning WITH YOU

Every weekday morning, the first news and journalism show of JOJ TV is Morning News, which serves viewers the right mix of information, interesting facts, and entertainment for their breakfast.

Always well-tuned presenters in a pleasant and calm atmosphere start the day with topics that are relevant, timeless, or enlightening. There are live interviews with guests and musical performances by bands.

It is the Morning News interview - whether recorded or live - that is a great native PR outlet for the client. If you need to showcase your brand, product, or event, you just need to find a refresher on why now and why in the Morning News. We at TV JOJ will be happy to help you with that. At the same time, our playwrights make sure that nothing goes on air that does not comply with media and advertising laws, which have stricter rules for news programs.

For a few examples of how we can work with a client to create a topic that will also benefit the audience, watch the video:

Campaign execution

Cord blood collection - this is not only a service of a private company - the advertiser - but also an awareness-raising topic for all future parents. In the Morning News, the molecular geneticist explained it in a professional and at the same time pleasantly human way in a more than 7-minute interview in the studio.

Movement is healthy - this is not only a fact confirmed by scientists, but also a year-round educational and preventive program of the health insurance company, which decided to get Slovakia moving in the form of video trainings with experts. A spokeswoman for the insurance company and a fitness trainer came to Morning News to explain to viewers why they need to move.

For Women in Science - a joint global program of Loreal and UNESCO, which every year recognizes two successful women scientists in Slovakia. One of them, from the Institute of Experimental Oncology of the Biomedical Center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, visited the studio of Morning News to inspire or motivate the female viewers at the screens with her story.

Viewership results and campaign evaluation

PR interviews in Morning News are tailored to the client, and at the same time present a topic that fulfills an informative or service function for the audience. During the broadcast, the interviews are supplemented with reportage footage or illustrative pictures for a better idea, so that the audience not only hears the topic, but also sees it. 

Each morning's live broadcast reaches an average of up to 195,000 viewers over the age of 12.

At TV JOJ, we also have space for PR outputs (reports or interviews) in the shows News at 12 and Topstar.

Where else can you imagine better product placement on TV for a company that makes windows and doors? Us and the client can only see that in one of the most watched programs on the market, directly in the show about housing, which viewers do not miss out on every Sunday evening on JOJka.

About the show

The extremely popular New Living is one of the long-standing TOP programs - every week it is a stable part of the ranking of the most watched shows on the market.

The show about the search for real estate guides viewers every Sunday through apartments, houses, or cottages across the country. The seasoned presenter Vlado Voštinár is followed by real estate brokers and other experts in construction, remodeling, and financing of new housing.

Implementation of product placement

With the client, we implemented product placement as a presentation of their product in the show in a natural native form of a conversation between the presenter and a representative of the company - the head of the project department - who together gave the audience practical instructions on what to look for if they want to buy new windows for their home.

As Vlado Voštinár says - it is better to see something once, than to hear about it a hundred times:

Viewership results and campaign evaluation

Each premiere Sunday episode of New Living reaches an average of more than half a million viewers, namely up to 575 thousand people over the age of 12. In the last year, every second Slovak has watched the show at least once. New Living is the unrivalled leader of the Sunday evening broadcasts.

A quality and active kind of product placement, which is placed directly in the program and included in its plot, can take different forms, also depending on the genre of the show - in a show the form is usually entertaining for the participants, in a series it is practical for the characters, and in a magazine, which regularly offers its viewers some kind of service, product placement can be useful and educational. This was precisely the case with Incon's New Living. Viewers were given valuable advice on how to judge quality and price when it comes to new windows, what materials modern windows are made of or what safety features to look out for when buying. The client received effective product placement, filmed in their largest showroom, in a highly viewed airtime across TV screens to hundreds of thousands of Slovak households.

Having your product placed in the most watched talent show - that's a win!

About the show

The current 10th anniversary edition of Czech and Slovak republic have talent is by far the most watched show on the Slovak market. Every Sunday premiere of Talent on JOJka is the market leader at the time of its broadcast.

The seasoned presenter duo of David Gránský and Jasmin Alagič Vrbovská are complemented in the show this year not only by popular jury stalwarts Marta Jandová, Diana Mórová, Jakub Prachař and Jaro Slávik, but also by secret guest judges - viewers will be surprised by new faces and exceptional talents in each episode.

Implementation of product placement

Toyota is one of the largest and most famous car companies in the world.
It believes that mobility is at the forefront of the current digital era.

That's why last year it mobilized the entire Czech and Slovak republic have talent!

In its cars it transported presenters and judges, performers, and their props. Toyota’s cars even became an active part of some performances.

Toyota has a talent not only for driving, but also for very tasteful design posing and also made spectacular backdrops in the corners of the modern capital and its surroundings. 

Watch the video and see for yourself:

Viewership results and campaign evaluation

Czech and Slovak republic have talenthas a reach of almost 700 thousand viewers. Every second Slovak has already watched the show on JOJka at least once. The current tenth series wins every Sunday over the competition and is the market leader. (However, as it is currently being broadcast, the footage in the case study is from last year's 9th season of the show.)

Toyota in Talent is a prime example of how an automotive product can be used in a TV show in a very active and natural way, both as a practical vehicle for the faces of the show, and as a modern design piece that fits naturally into the rich mosaic of pro shots of sharply watched, talent-filled entertainment.

Sports sponsorship message and product placement

Client Tipsport is one of the largest bookmakers in Slovakia that is moving with the times. It uses a modern betting system, provides internet betting and casino, its services are fully digitalized, and it also uses the most effective marketing tools available, such as TV sponsorship and product placement.

In the glossary of advertising terms on our website, you will find that a sponsorship message is a short form of television advertisement that is not placed in an advertising block but is broadcast before and after the selected program. Tipsport sponsors one of the most watched news programs on the market in this way. At the same time, JOJ TV also tailored product placement for the client in its Sport.

So much for the theory. And this is how creative it can look in practice:

Campaign execution

After a series of sports reports, the show will conclude with a Tipsport table showing the status of a betting competition related to one of the upcoming matches of a sporting event. The table is commented by the show's presenter, so it naturally fits in with his other moderated entries.

The table is in the brand's distinctive colors and features the client's logo, as well as a link to the client's website, where viewers can click for more information. They are also motivated to do so by the fact that after the table Sport ends, the final audio of the show is followed by the client's sponsorship message again, which also acts as a reminder of the product just mentioned

This is followed by other commercials where the viewer's attention is already split between two screens - TV and mobile. And on mobile, he may have just clicked on the client's website that has just been presented...

Viewership results and campaign evaluation

Sports coverage in daily broadcasts - all important results from sporting events in Slovakia and abroad, as well as reports from popular and less traditional areas of sport, are prepared daily for viewers by the sports editors of JOJ TV. 

Sport is one of the most popular news formats of the Slovak audience, which is regularly proved by its high viewership in prime time. On average, sport on JOJka reaches up to 643,000 viewers over the age of 12. And it is precisely these viewers who regularly watch, in addition to the reports, a product that is not only tailored to the client, but also performs the function of added value for the audience. 
And we don't know about you, but we'd be quite keen to guess how many of the viewers even noticed that the tip board is actually a positioned product... 🙂

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